Three day performance


Theatre Artemis did develop three theatrical solo performances that are taking place during three days on and arround a primary school. The children don’t know the performances are being performed and they seems to be endless in both space and time. Theatre Artemis asked three talented creating performers to take this challenge together with a designer.

Not Yet Discovered Animal (N.Y.D.A.)
Willemijn Zevenhuijzen (1976) started together with designer Calle de Hoog (1989) past june. They developed a solo performance in which she appeared as a Not Yet Discovered Animal on monday in the first teabreak at the border of the schoolyard. But she didn’t left, which exited the children a lot. Even the next day she was still there. She covered the whole school with a pink trace and had eaten all the ‘yellow’ out of the school. At the end of this second day she started to wrap herself. On the third day she was completely invisible within her pink cocoon. But at some moment, she broke out in her new transformed appearance, and left the school.

Handyman Smorenberg
Rob Smorenberg (1993) made a solo together with designer Django Walon (1989) in which he appeared as a magical handy man. In a constant slowmotion he is doing his simple tasks at the school. During those three hours he is unroling his electricity cable. After that he is eating his sandwhich for one and a half hour. And after that he is climbing his ladder for two hours. So far, so good. Strange, but ok. But why he is getting all this stuff from the classrooms, and where is all this glitter coming from which he is trying to sweep up?

De Takkentoktikker
Elias de Bruyne (1988) worked together with  designer Ruben Wijnstok (1986) on the story of the Takkentoktikker, a very lonely figure that normally lives far out in the woods. He is a natural born collector. He connects everything he finds to his costume. When he moves, you hear the sounds of all the things that he could find. With that noise he is trying to lure the other Takkentoktikkers.  The more rattling, the better he feels. He suddenly lost everything due to logging of forests. He is now travelling around anxiously and is trying to collect as much as possible. The only thing that is left is his KUBOES. A cube in which he can hide.  When his garment is all filled with things again, it’s time to make noise and go back to his family.


Jetse Batelaan