Jetse Batelaan

Jetse Batelaan (Leiden, 1978) has been the artistic director of Theater Artemis since 2013. He graduated from the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance, as a director, in 2003. Even during his studies he made striking plays with long titles and barely a word of dialogue. After his graduation he worked at the Gasthuis Theater in Amsterdam. During that time, he made his first children’s play at Theatergroep Max. From 2009 until 2012 he was a resident director at the Ro Theater.

At Theater Artemis he works in radical ways to establish a company that pushed boundaries and opens up new spaces in which to operate. Jetse Batelaan has received multiple prizes and awards for his work. In 2019, he received the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale and in 2020 he will be receiving the ITI award in Düsseldorf.

“Batelaan peels back mundane acts into their bare essence while simultaneously giving them a dream-like absurdity. His direction is a wonderful summation of minimalism and variety show.” Marijn van der Jagt, Vrij Nederland

Jetse won many awards:
Young Theatre Prize at Theater aan Zee for Real women would run in rainproof gear
Theatre assignment of the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund
VSCD Golden Cricket for most impressive production Performance in which hopefully nothing happens
VSCD Mime award for Come on father, drink
Erik Vos Award, Biennial award for a special talent under the new batch of theatre makers
VSCD Silver Cricket most impressive production for Raised finger
2014 VSCD Mime award nomination for The day the parrot had something to say for himself
VSCD Silver Cricket most impressive production for The man who knows it all
The four-yearly Prins Bernhard Culture fund Noord-Brabant Theater award for his autonomous artistry
VSCD Mime award for If you run fast enough, nobody will know where you are
VSCD Mime award nomination for War
VSCD Silver cricket award for best stage performance (set design) for War
The invisible man selected by the Flemish Theater Festival
The invisible man nominated for the VSCD Mime award
Silver Cricket for most impressive production The invisible man
The Silver Lion for Theater by Biennale of Venice
Story of the Story selected by the Dutch Theater Festival
Silver Cricket Award for most impressive production The Story of the Story
VSCD Mime Award nomination for (…..) The show that doesn’t give a shit about its own vage title
The German ITI Price