The Man Who Knows It All 4+

Encyclopedic pretentions in a performance for toddlers

Are there people who know everything? The man who knows everything professes it to be so. But behind every word hides yet another new question.
The actors René van ‘t Hof and Tjebbe Roelofs and musician Keimpe de Jong go together on a quest in search of all encompassing knowledge. Along the way it becomes evident that “question” and “answer” hit it off well together. Knowing everything is apparently more difficult than they had imagined.

Jetse Batelaans point of departure for his earlier performances for young audiences used to be “what the target group interests the least.” He confronted children of 8 and up with a fun version of boredom in Show in Which Hopefully Nothing Happens (2005, Gold Cricket Award). For kids from 10 up het explained how everything should be in het Geheven vingertje (2008, Silver Cricket Award and nomination for the VSCD Mime Award). In TONEEL he threatened the 14 and older crowd with the worst of the worst: Art itself. And now, The Man Who Knows It All, for those starting at age 4: no harassing the kids this time, but rather an ode to the elementary power of theatrical imagination. The show was nominated for the Zapp theatre awards and won the Silver Cricket for best theatre production. These four performances were produced by Maas Theater and Dance, coproduced by Artemis. And, since 2013, are Artemis repertoire.

Brechtje Zwaneveld, NRC
“"Van ‘t Hof plays with his young audience like a seasoned entertainer while adults recognize existential questions. Outlandish."”
Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant
“"Without shortchanging the other two performers in any way, René van ‘t Hof, with his poker faces, pleading eyes, crazy dances and a cocky juggling act with a xylophone and sticks, is so downright good, and beyond that unmistakably Keaton & Chaplin & Laurel & Hardy in one body, that you don’t know where you have to look, while you at the same time have to control your bladder."”
Loek Zonneveld, Theaterkrant

Nominated for the Golden Kricket for best perfomance 2014

“An uncommonly original show for pre-schoolers! With The man who knows it all director Jetse Batelaan has managed to rouse his audience, ranging from the very young to grownups, and make them roar with laughter. The show kicks off with a catchy song by Keimpe de Jong: ‘Here’s the man who knows it all, he’s unforgettable’. Until the arrogant man-who-knows-it-all starts to make mistakes, and his young viewers are compelled to call out suggestions to help him, creating a sense of chaos and anarchy that is rarely evoked or allowed in theatres. An accomplished entertainer, René van ’t Hof keeps his fired-up audience on a string; sometimes thanking a child, sometimes responding with vexation. His helpful side-kick, performed with great humour and timing by Tjebbe Roelofs, brings some wonderfully wacky creations and asides. Together they form an irresistibly funny Batelaan-duo, with disorderly help from the mood-boosting multi-musician De Jong.” -VSCD-jury

Theater Artemis -
Directed by

Jetse Batelaan


Rene van ‘t Hof
Tjebbe Roelofs

Live music

Keimpe de Jong


Ge Wegman


Hester Jolink


Liesbet Swings