Children are constantly being told what is important by the authorities they face. The world of the stage should not be another self-proclaimed adult authority in their lives. Our work questions any seemingly predetermined values. What exactly makes something that is good so good? If something is boring, why is that? We do not present great truths, universally acknowledged by convention. There is no knowing or not-knowing, you can say whatever you want, think whatever you want. We are following the gaze of a new generation and asking questions to which you will have to find your own answers. Who are YOU?


Artemis zooms in on the greatest emotion and the best stories are in those instances where we fail. The audience laughs – not out of malicious delight, but in awkward recognition. This creates moments of candor. And this candor is the thing we like to use: sometimes we will literally offer the audience the floor, allowing them to influence events. Which makes for encounters on an equal footing. For a minute we show more of ourselves than we ever dreamed was possible. 


Theater Artemis has its home in De Bosch in the South of the Netherlands. In 2013 Jetse Batelaan became the company’s artistic director. It is active in the South of the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the country and in Flanders, and often further afield as well. In addition to the performances by Jetse Batelaan, Artemis produces art projects by Liesbet Swings, who has been associated with the company since 2014. Her projects arise in the encounter between artists and children. Artemis is an independent producer and regularly collaborates with other companies as well.