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Newsletter January/March 2019

The Biennale of Venice awards Jetse Batelaan THE SILVER LION AWARD for Theatre. It will be awarded during the 47th International Theatre Festival that will take  from July 22nd to August 5th. Two productions will be presented: The Story of the Story and War.


At Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Jetse Batelaan is going to deliver a brand new show called ‘(…..)’, a show ‘that doesn’t give a shit about its own vague title’. Coproduced by Theater Artemis, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm & the Ruhrtriennale. Premiere 31 January 2019.


We are happy to inform you about upcoming activities!


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(…..) 12+

Most of the time the titles of Jetse Batelaan are a mouthful. This new title is completely silent: five dots between brackets. Whereas it has never been so noisy on stage, thanks to the fierce electrical sound of the music duo Les Trucs. In 2014 Jetse’s directed The day the parrot had to say something for himself, about a group of introverted adolescents, insecurely sheltering behind others. His approach for ‘(…..)’ is totally different: two teenage girls and a boy are remarkably, almost over the top self-confident. As a testimony of their existence – and of their ability to be incredibly cool and super funny.


“We think.

We doubt.

Fuck you!”



Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt
Premiere 31 January 2019 19:00
1 February 11:00
2 February 19:00

Dutch premiere: Festival Tweetakt, Utrecht 6 April 2019

Ruhrtriennale 18-28 September 2019

On tour until 30 January 2020

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Real women would run in rainproof gear

From 2 till 4 March 2019, Real women would run in rainproof gear (Echte vrouwen joggen in regenpak) will be presented at Krokusfestival International Arts Festival for young ages in Hasselt. A show about shifting four-part harmonies, the number of men that will fit into an organic waste bin, and what REAL women want. A forty-minute physical music theatre show, language no problem and fit for all ages. Don’t miss it!


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WAR: UK & Irish premiere

Great to announce that War (Oorlog) will be opening the 21st Belfast’s Young at Art Children’s Festival. Take your family down on Friday 8 – Sunday 10 March at The MAC!


We will continue the international tour of War in Spring and Summer. From 5 October till 17 November 2019 Oorlog will be touring in the Netherlands and Belgium.


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How boring can theater be?

The show in which hopefully nothing happens (Voorstelling waarin hopelijk niets gebeurt) was Jetse’s very first direction for children. In 2005 he directed it at Max./Maas theater en dans. As part of the Artemis repertoire it’s still going strong. Last November Theaterhaus Jena released the first remake with a German cast. The second remake will be featured by the Unicorn Theater London. Unicorn also successfully presented our show The man who knows it all in 2017.


Unicorn Theatre: Premiere on 28 March, show dates 21 March – 28 April 2019.


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The man who knows it all is back!

“An uncommonly original show for pre-schoolers! With The man who knows it all (De man die alles weet) director Jetse Batelaan has managed to rouse his audience, ranging from the very young to grownups, and make them roar with laughter.”

On tour in the Netherlands and Belgium: 17 February – 6 May 2019
The Hague 27 February; Utrecht 28 February; Amsterdam 9&10 March; Antwerp 30&31 March

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The Invisible Man is going abroad. But so far his tour is still invisible…



We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Theater Artemis