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A philosophical game of hide and seek

Two artists, a stage technician and a musician are waiting to start their show. Everything is in place, but why hasn’t the audience arrived? Things start getting more and more unclear from then on. Who is playing the piano? Whose coffee mug is that, floating through the air? And who is that ghost sneaking off with that extension cord? Are the performers really here, or not? And can you actually see them, or will you just have to believe they are here?


De onzichtbare man (The invisible man) is a show about everything you don’t see. And it secretly revels in the joy of remaining unseen.


De onzichtbare man was nominated for the Mime Award 2018 and is selected by Het TheaterFestival!

A bravely staged fairytale about imagination and recognition.

De Standaard***

What a treat. A continuous, terrific game of hide and seek.


Once again Artemis has gone out on a limb.

Brabants Dagblad

The roar of applause is well-deserved.

de Volkskrant****

The invisible man? Well, he really is invisible. There’s no tricks or anything. He’s just real!

Fenna, aged 5

Directed by Jetse Batelaan Performed by René van ‘t Hof
, Marijn Brussaard
, Nimuë Walraven
 Music Keimpe de Jong
 Costumes Liesbet Swings
 Scenography Jetse Batelaan, Eva Koopmans
 (assistant) Light design Bart van den Heuvel



Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, Travers Theatre 1

30 May – 2 June tickets

Linz SCHÄXPIR Theater Phönix

26 June 11:00 (sold out) & 15:30 tickets

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    When he was a boy Jetse Batelaan would sometimes make a drawing and then cover it with a clean white sheet of paper. When he auditioned for the Mime school he left the room to perform an act at the tram stop – where nobody would see him. On stage you can see his actors refusing to manifest themselves: they too, give off the impression they’d rather stay hidden. This duality between showing yourself and wanting to hide away at the same time is Jetse’s favourite theme. In De onzichtbare man he has developed it for the age group with the greatest capacity for suspension of disbelief: four and five year-olds. A show driven by a logic of its own and with lots of laughter. It will have audiences on the edges of their seats.

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    Please contact Theater Artemis, Annemiek de Goey,, +31 73 6123223

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