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Monty Python for children

We won’t promise you anything, but can we keep that promise? The show in which hopefully nothing happens is like a castle in the air, nothing and everything at the same time. Get deliciously bored with a stumbling second, a detail that’s overlooked and a next moment that never arrives. Monty Python for children with an actor who isn’t allowed to enter the stage, and a security guard who desperately tries to find himself. Feel free to wander, they’re doing it too. Have a good sleep!


Thirteen years ago, Jetse Batelaan [Almere, 1978] stole the hearts of theatre audiences and the press with this show. It was his first play for children, made with Tg. Max. “Monty Python for children”, people murmured. “Either he’s bonkers or he’s a genius”, the jury of the Gold Cricket Awards said. A visually rich and slightly absurdist show that has become part of the Dutch theatre canon.


Directed by Jetse Batelaan
Performed by René Geerlings, Martin Hofstra
Set Design Hester Jolink
Costume Design Marike Kamphuis
Light Design  Gé Wegman
Artistic advise Dorien Folkers, Moniek Merkx
Co-produced by BonteHond

In a comical, nonchalant way the creators deconstruct the conventions of watching and making theatre. By emphasising the artificiality of theatre and turning it upside down, this exercise in emptiness verges on life itself.

de Volkskrant

The kind of production that twists your outlook on the world. Everyday terms obtain a new meaning.

NRC Handelsblad

If there’s a play for Britain circa March 2019, this is it.

The Stage

Frequently hilarious occasionally profound but ultimately meaningless nonsense


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    Welcome to the most boring show in history: an actor who never gets to perform and a security guard who just hopes nothing will occur.

    Created in the Netherlands, this carefully crafted, absurdist masterpiece of hope, humour and failure has been adored by critics and children across Europe, the US and Canada for the last 12 years.


    A Unicorn Theatre / Theater Artemis Production

    28 Mar 2019 Thu 13.45 / Premiere
    10 Apr 2019 Wed 13.00
    11 Apr 2019 Thu 11.00
    11 Apr 2019 Thu 14.30
    12 Apr 2019 Fri 11.00
    13 Apr 2019 Sat 11.00
    13 Apr 2019 Sat 14.30
    14 Apr 2019 Sun 11.30
    16 Apr 2019 Tue 11.00
    16 Apr 2019 Tue 14.30
    17 Apr 2019 Wed 11.00
    18 Apr 2019 Thu 11.00
    18 Apr 2019 Thu 14.30
    20 Apr 2019 Sat 11.00
    20 Apr 2019 Sat 14.30
    23 Apr 2019 Tue 10.45
    23 Apr 2019 Tue 14.00
    24 Apr 2019 Wed 11.00
    25 Apr 2019 Thu 10.30
    25 Apr 2019 Thu 13.45
    26 Apr 2019 Fri 11.00
    27 Apr 2019 Sat 13.30
    27 Apr 2019 Sat 17.00
    28 Apr 2019 Sun 11.30

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    NEWS: remake by Theaterhaus Jena!

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    The Dutch collective Wunderbaum is housed in Theaterhaus Jena, a theatre previously run by a theatre collective that commits itself to experimental theatre productions. 

    For the content of their youth theatre programme, the makers approached Jetse Batelaan and next Friday the first collaboration with Artemis is a fact: the remake of Artemis’ Performance in which hopefully nothing will happen.


    Jenaer Premiere 30 November 2019


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    On December 3th 2018 Ostthüringer Zeitung wrote

    “…Rarely has a play – a great joy for children from the age of seven, but also for adults – so madly and amazingly unleashed the unstoppable forces of theatre. (…) This is great minimalistic theatre, fantastic and expressively played by the two Theaterhaus actors, who make it clear that not everything always has to make sense, but can still be a lot of fun.”

    Ulrike Kern


    Here you can find the whole article

    Next show: Saturday, December 8th, 4 pm

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