Real women would run in rainproof gear 

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Real women would run in rainproof gear 

Behind the steamed up windows of a garden greenhouse, four men in tailored suits are doing an a capella performance of a Schubert song: “Wie schön bist du”. A woman – a real one, in high heels, red suit and a pearl necklace – is trying desperately to rid herself of her very loud crop.


Real women would run in rainproof gear (Echte vrouwen joggen in regenpak) is a hilarious exploration of shifting four-part harmonies and the number of men that can fit inside a compost bin. But first and foremost this imaginative music theatre show is a statement about the thing any real woman wants: some time to herself.


Seventeen years ago Jetse Batelaan [1978] made this show with Elien van den Hoek. The two share a love of sophisticated simplicity and surreal slapstick. Theaterfestival Boulevard regards Real women would run in rainproof gear as part of the canon of Dutch theatre. During the festival this remake will be performed at the Josephkwartier, with all the windows flung wide open – for good reasons.


Real women would run in rainproof gear won the Stad Oostende / STUK Price TaZ#2001 and proved to be a success for all ages. Now, seventeen years later, Artemis and Het Houten Huis return this special first performance one more time.

The absurd basic premise is developed with utter consistency, which results in an irresistibly funny short performance.

Het Parool

Brilliant in its simplicity. The first (and so far only) show during which my child did not fall asleep; he watched with considerable interest.

Moose minirecensie

Concept and regie Jetse Batelaan and Elien van den Hoek
Performance Marie Groothof, Hendrik Kegels, Mees Walter, Coen Bril, Jelle Hoekstra and many others


New dates are coming up soon!