Koppeling gekopieerd

Winner of a Silver Cricket 2014 and the German Kaas&Kappes-price 2015

“Damien is my BFF.
Best Friend Forever.
The first time I saw him it was here in the waiting room.
He was sitting there with a nosebleed and a pair of headphones on his head.
He had been headbanging so hard it had given him a nosebleed.
Boy, is he a bundle of nerves.”


The class of the ‘leftovers’, that is what the teachers think of class 5f. It’s the class that has the highest number of disorders. But the children themselves are proud: with so many disorders they may be eligible for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records!


Energetic, at times unruly children, and the way people deal with them have been the inspiration for Bekdichtzitstil (Shutupsitstill). An irresistibly anarchist show whose motley crew of characters raise merry, merry hell.


In 2006 the Belgian director Raven Ruëll made the much-praised show Pakman with Artemis. An “imaginative show”, according to the judges who awarded Pakman a Silver Cricket, “that tackles the major issues in life with a considerable dose of Flemish gusto.” Sadly, Raven Ruëll’s work is not performed very often in the Netherlands. For Bekdichtzitstilhe has joined forces with writer/actor Jan Sobrie who co-wrote the play, and actresses Berdine Nusselder and Sophie Warnant. Sophie Warnantwon a Silver Cricket 2014 for most impressive stage performance for her role in Bekdichtzitstil.


For many Ages from 8 years up


A stormy tribute to impulsiveness and imagination, as the positive counterpart to aggression and anarchy

de Volkskrant****

There are times when a show leaves you completely speechless. When it is an almost impossible feat to find the words to describe what you saw, what happened, what effect this show has had*****

Koppeling gekopieerd


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