The royal museum of interesting art

Het koninklijk museum voor interessante kunst

Koppeling gekopieerd

It will shake the art world on its foundations

When Jetse Batelaan [Almere, 1978] was about eight years old, his parents took him to see an art exhibition at Fort Asperen. When he had arrived he tied a length of rope into a somewhat artistic-looking knot. Just to see what the response would be. There was a man walking around the fort who was being quite bombastic about art, trying to impress his girlfriend. Then Jetse heard him lecture to her about…a piece of rope tied into a knot. He thought it was art.


Today Jetse is the artistic director of Theater Artemis. The question he always comes back to is: what is theatre? A query that has many siblings; like what is art? Can ordinary things be art? Het koninklijk museum voor interessante kunst (The royal museum of interesting art) is a surprising exhibition plus audio-tour. Will there be a knotted piece of rope? Come and see for yourself.


Installation/ Visual arts for the whole family
Running time 3 – 13 August
Location Josephkwartier, Den Bosch