How the grownups left and what happened next 8+

"The theatre season has kicked off with an absolute highlight"

Cluck, cluck, cluck…
It all seems very real.
The village. The piles of hay. The fire and the people.
As if we were really in the Middle Ages.
It is night time. The children are getting ready for bed.
Somewhere in front there’s a strange man telling his story.
He’s talking about a group of really loving parents who love their children very, very much.

But something strange is going on.
The birds are leaving their nests unattended, and a lonely bear cub is scavenging the village.
And one day, the parents decide to leave. Without warning, just like that.
And so they pile their carts with furniture, slightly ashamed somehow, but determined.
And off they go, hobbling alongside their wobbly carts.
Cluck, cluck, cluck…

With a sense of humour and an originality that match those of Jheronimus Bosch, Jetse Batelaan shows us what happens when the love between parents and their offspring dies. A story that was written by Simon van der Geest, winner of the Gouden Griffel children’s book award, featuring live music and a group of children from the audience who are directed on the spot. A family show like you’ve never seen before.

“Batelaan’s brilliant concept is deeply moving. The theatre season has kicked off with an absolute highlight”
“A thrilling and original interpretation of the unbridgeable gap between the generations”
De Volkskrant
“It is a rare thing to see an audience follow a play with such breathless concentration”
– Brabants Dagblad
Directed by
artistic advise

Piet Menu


Theun Mosk


Peter Anthonissen

live music

Trio aXolot


Marien Jongewaard
Freek Nieuwdorp
Tjebbe Roelofs
Esther Snelder
Dennis Tiecken
Nimuë Walraven
Willemijn Zevenhuijzen

live direction (children)

Dominique Coppenrath
Sem Jonkers
Imme Steinmann
Tessa Bouman

assistant director

Tim Verbeek

coproduced by

Het Zuidelijk Toneel


Tilburg, 12 August 2016