If you run fast enough, no-one will know where you are 8+

An absurd and disruptive theatre show in which everything is on the move all the time. A show that simply cannot sit still. Everything about it is constantly moving and making a noise. Even the lights are running on and off. The texts are stumbling over the costumes and grab onto the set pieces that happen to be just flying across the stage. As the seats somersault with a loud screech and the beginning of the show has already departed for the next venue, the players try to take cover for the upcoming ending. By now the audience will be looking around in bewilderment. Has anyone seen their show? Or is it all over already? You have to be fast if you want to see anything. Run!

If you run fast enough no-one will know where you are won the VSCD Mime Award: “Jetse Batelaan is steadily working on an impressively contemporary body of work that blurs the boundaries between plays for children and plays for grownups, and in which the theatre as a medium becomes part of the shows’ content. The show runs right across the theatre as a ‘sanctuary’, a place where people should keep still and pay attention, both physically and metaphorically. It has everyone in the audience, either young or old, on the edge of their seat.”

“An absurd and disruptive fairytale.”
– Dagblad Trouw
“Strange and quite funny. An explicit plea for busy, creative minds aimed at labels such as ADHD and medication like Ritalin.”
– de Volkskrant
Theater Artemis -
Directed by

Sieger Baljon
Chiron Holwijn
Tjebbe Roelofs
Paul van der Laan
Isabelle Houdtzagers
Guus Diepenmaat
Loes Schaap
Kajetan Uranitsch

Tale written by

Sieger Baljon


Theun Mosk


Peter Anthonissen


Hans Leendertse

shows abroad


Frankfurt, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm


‘s-Hertogenbosch, 22 november 2015