The day the parrot had something to say for himself 14+

a show about people who parrot each other

The day the parrot had something to say for himself (De dag dat de papegaai zelf iets wilde zeggen) is a performance in words about people who parrot each other. A cast, consisting of celebrities only, is practising interchangeability. What is left of us when we cease to speak for ourselves?

Fear of living versus lust for life; wanting to be seen, yet wanting to remain invisible. It’s what growing up is all about. In a world in which the most important thing is to be unique, this play is a loving plea for disappearing into each other. The day the parrot had something to say for himself, has been stirring young viewers’ hearts and minds.

This show, for many ages starting from age 14, was nominated the VSCD Mime Award 2014: “A striking portrait of the insecure, searching adolescent who wants to speak out but doesn’t know where to start or how.”

“A captivating show about the road to adulthood.”
Annette Embrechts, de Volkskrant
“I left the theatre with a deep-felt sense of happiness. Another sure-fire hit from Batelaan, was my immediate thought.”
“A show about repetition that is nothing like any other show, let alone a repetition of other shows.”
– Et cetera
“The fumbling is as appealing as it is volatile. But most importantly, it has an uneasy vulnerability.”
NRC Handelsblad
Directed by
Performed by

Sieger Baljon
Marijn Brussaard
Esther Snelder

VIP guest performers

Juvat Westendorp, Willie Wartaal, Guido Spek, Nico Laska


Theun Mosk

Costumes by
Shows abroad

Frankfurt (DE), Starke Stücke, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm
Kristiansand (N), Sand Festival


‘s-Hertogenbosch, 4 April 2014