WAR 6+


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Nominated for the VSCD mime award & Golden Cricket Award 2017!



We wish we had something sensible to say.
But a war is too big a thing even for us.
We are just here to make a show.


Something about a balloon slowly deflating, a nose  bleeding, little helicopters falling down from a tree, a shower crying, audience members shooting and three soldiers roller-skating and talking backwards.


Come and  see for yourself.


War is a subject that we are all concerned about. Our children have their own ideas about it, but try as we might, we never have any real answers for them. This has prompted director Jetse Batelaan to try and take the elusive subject by the horns. With his performers Willemijn Zevenhuijzen, Tjebbe Roelofs and Martin Hofstra he is going on a new Artemis adventure. For children aged  6 an up.


Nominated voor the Gold Cricket Award 2017!

Directed by Jetse Batelaan
Performers Martin Hofstra, Tjebbe Roelofs, Willemijn Zevenhuijzen
Costumes Liesbet Swings
Scenography Wikke van Houwelingen, Marloes van der Hoek
Special Effects Dik Beets


Jetse Batelaan is steadily creating an impressive and contemporary body of work, which made him the winner of the 2016 Mime award. Who could forget shows like The man who knows it all (2014, Silver Cricket), which featured a level of chaos and anarchy that had parents and their young children “roaring with laughter”. Or How the grownups left and what happened next (2016), which “stirred something deep inside the souls of its viewers”. “Absolute genius”, according to the press.

Seriousness AND laughter abound in this highly potent and refreshing TYA production that takes war as its theme.

de Volkskrant****

Oorlog (War) is a powerful comedy. Play-acting, children’s games and current events all bleed into each other, jumbled together in what appears to be complete chaos, bordering on slapstick.


Another production that has Jetse Batelaan written all over it.


Koppeling gekopieerd


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